LADWP Van Nuys Truck Maintenance & Administration – Van Nuys, CA

    Viniegra & Viniegra Architecture completed this project as a design-build facility to house the administrative and repair facilities for large vehicles.  The facility contained a large, 3-story open bay area with vehicle lifts, dispensing reels parts storage, and foreman offices.  All codes were addressed including ADA Title III and Title 24, handicap regulations.  The complex nature of a building containing mixed-use facilities was addressed with the user in mind.  Careful attention was given to areas of administration as well as truck maintenance and the mechanic.  Our work included Completion of construction documents, Design, Coordination with DWP construction personnel, Construction administration, and Completion analysis.  The facility is one of the finest in the Department, and was finished on a fast-track basis using Department personnel working directly with sub-contractors and Viniegra & Viniegra as the administrators.


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